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"Cultural news" is a genre of radio stations that focus on providing listeners with up-to-date information and analysis on cultural issues and events from around the world. These stations typically prioritize in-depth coverage and analysis of cultural topics, including art, literature, music, film, theater, and other forms of creative expression.

One of the defining characteristics of cultural news radio stations is their emphasis on diverse perspectives and voices. These stations may feature interviews with artists, writers, musicians, and other cultural figures, providing listeners with insights into the creative process and the cultural context in which their work is produced. They may also feature commentary and analysis from scholars, critics, and other experts in the field, providing listeners with a deeper understanding of the cultural issues and debates of the day.

Cultural news radio stations may also focus on news and events from specific regions or cultural traditions. For example, they may cover the latest exhibitions and performances in major cities around the world, or provide in-depth coverage of literary and artistic movements in particular countries or regions. This helps to provide listeners with a broad perspective on the cultural landscape, while also highlighting the unique contributions of different cultures and traditions.

In addition to their coverage of cultural topics, cultural news radio stations may also cover broader issues related to society and politics. They may provide analysis of how cultural trends and debates intersect with broader social and political issues, such as race, gender, and inequality. This helps to place cultural issues in a broader context, and to provide listeners with a deeper understanding of the connections between culture and society.

Overall, cultural news radio stations offer a rich and engaging listening experience for anyone interested in arts and culture, providing a platform for diverse voices and perspectives while also keeping listeners informed and engaged with the latest developments and debates in the cultural world.