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"Música en español" is a radio station genre that features music from Spanish-speaking countries around the world. The genre is popular in many countries with a significant Spanish-speaking population, including Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and others.

The music played on "Música en español" radio stations is diverse and includes a variety of genres, including traditional and contemporary Latin American music, Spanish pop and rock, and other Spanish-language music from around the world. These stations may play well-known artists and songs from a range of time periods, as well as up-and-coming artists who are making an impact on the Spanish-language music scene.

In addition to music, "Música en español" radio stations may also feature programming that explores the culture and history of Spanish-speaking countries. This can include interviews with artists, writers, and scholars, as well as segments that delve into the history and significance of important cultural events and traditions.

Some "Música en español" radio stations also include news and current events programming, with a focus on news from Spanish-speaking countries. This can include political analysis, social commentary, and coverage of local and national events.

Overall, "Música en español" radio stations provide a platform for Spanish-language music and culture, and they play an important role in preserving and promoting the rich musical and cultural heritage of Spanish-speaking countries around the world. They help to build connections between different Spanish-speaking communities, both within and outside of Spanish-speaking countries, and they provide a source of entertainment, education, and connection for people who share an interest in Spanish-language music and culture.