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"Música y noticias" is a genre of radio station that combines music programming with news coverage. The programming on this type of station typically includes a mix of popular music from a variety of genres such as pop, rock, hip-hop, and Latin music, interspersed with regular news updates.

The news coverage on a música y noticias radio station may focus on local, national, and international news, and may cover a range of topics including politics, economics, social issues, and current events. The news segments may be delivered in the form of brief updates or longer-form features, and may be broadcast at regular intervals throughout the day.

In addition to music and news programming, some música y noticias radio stations may also include talk shows that cover topics related to current events, politics, or social issues. These shows may feature interviews with experts, politicians, or community leaders, and may allow listeners to call in to share their opinions and ask questions.

Overall, the música y noticias genre of radio station is designed to appeal to listeners who are interested in staying informed about current events while also enjoying a variety of music. By combining news and music programming, these stations provide a unique listening experience that can be both informative and entertaining.