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Radio Folk

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Musik && Reportager – 24 timer i døgnet! RadioFolk er en ikke-kommerciel online radiostation for alle med interesse i den danske roots- og folkemusik i al dens mangfoldighed.
Radio Folk is a Danish radio station that focuses on promoting the cultural heritage of Denmark through the medium of music. It is a platform where listeners can immerse themselves in traditional Danish and Nordic folk music as well as world music.

The radio station offers a wide range of genres, including cultural news, culture, folk, traditional folk, and world music. Through its programs and broadcasts, Radio Folk seeks to showcase the diverse musical traditions of Denmark and the Nordic region, while also highlighting the unique features of the global music scene.

The station's programs are available in both Danish and English, making it accessible to a wide audience. Radio Folk's mission is to provide a platform for Danish and Nordic folk music and to showcase the cultural heritage of Denmark to the world.

Listeners can expect to hear a range of music from both established and emerging artists. The station's programming also includes interviews with musicians, cultural experts, and other industry professionals. Through these interviews, listeners can gain deeper insights into the cultural significance of folk music and its role in Danish society.

Radio Folk's programming is also designed to be informative, with segments on cultural news and other topics related to Danish and Nordic culture. These segments provide listeners with a deeper understanding of the cultural and social context of the music they are hearing.

Overall, Radio Folk is an excellent radio station for anyone interested in the cultural heritage of Denmark and the Nordic region. Its wide range of programming, including folk music, cultural news, and interviews, provides listeners with a rich and immersive experience that is both educational and entertaining.
Country: Denmark
Languages: Danish, English
You can listen : Afenginn, Ana Alcaide, Cara Dillon, Celtic Woman, Dervish, Eliza Carthy, Flook, Gjermund Larsen Trio, Gjallarhorn, Habib Koité, Hoven Droven, Jan Johansson, Johan Hedin, Kepa Junkera, Kíla, Korpiklaani, Lau, Le Vent du Nord, Lúnasa, Mariza, Mozaik, Nathalie Nordnes, Niamh Parsons, Olov Johansson, Oysterband, Pentangle, Sharon Shannon, Solas, Baltic Crossing, Bellowhead, Danú

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