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"Live sports" is a radio station genre that focuses on broadcasting live coverage of sporting events. These radio stations may specialize in covering a particular sport, such as football, basketball, baseball, or soccer, or they may cover a wide range of sports.

Live sports radio stations typically provide play-by-play commentary of games and matches, as well as analysis and commentary from sports experts. They may also feature interviews with players, coaches, and other experts in the sports world.

In addition to live coverage of games and matches, live sports radio stations may also provide coverage of sports news and events, including trade rumors, contract negotiations, and off-season developments. They may also offer analysis and commentary on sports-related topics, such as team and player strategies, coaching decisions, and game tactics.

Live sports radio stations may also feature call-in shows, where listeners can call in and share their opinions on the latest sports news and events. These shows may be hosted by sports experts, journalists, or former players and coaches, and can provide a lively and interactive forum for sports fans to engage with each other and with the radio station.

Some popular live sports radio stations include ESPN Radio, Sports Radio 810 WHB, and Fox Sports Radio. These stations provide coverage of a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and hockey, and have a large and dedicated following among sports fans.

In conclusion, live sports radio stations are a popular genre that focuses on providing live coverage of sporting events, as well as analysis, commentary, and sports-related news. These stations provide an important source of information and entertainment for sports fans around the world, and play a key role in connecting fans with the teams and players they love.