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The "religious" radio station genre refers to radio stations that are focused on programming related to various religious beliefs and practices. These stations may feature programming related to Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other religious traditions.

One of the main genres on religious radio stations is religious programming, which typically includes sermons, teachings, and prayers from religious leaders and scholars. These programs aim to help listeners deepen their understanding of their faith and to promote spiritual growth.

Music is also an important genre on religious radio stations, with many stations featuring traditional hymns, liturgical music, and devotional songs from various religious traditions. Some stations may also feature contemporary music and live performances by religious musicians.

In addition to religious programming and music, religious radio stations often provide programming focused on community outreach and social justice issues. This may include programs focused on poverty, hunger, and other social issues, as well as interviews with religious leaders and activists working to address these issues.

Religious radio stations also often provide programming focused on education, offering courses and workshops on topics such as religious history, theology, and ethics. These programs are designed to help listeners deepen their understanding of their faith and to support their personal spiritual growth.

Overall, religious radio stations serve as an important resource for communities around the world, providing programming that is designed to promote the teachings and values of various religious traditions, as well as to provide news, information, and entertainment that is relevant to religious listeners. By promoting community engagement and education, these stations help to strengthen the spiritual and social fabric of communities, and provide a valuable platform for religious voices to be heard.