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The genre of radio stations known as "features" refers to a type of programming that is focused on providing in-depth coverage of a particular topic or theme. These stations may offer a mix of news, commentary, interviews, and other forms of content related to a specific subject, such as science, politics, or the arts. Features stations often strive to provide more in-depth and thoughtful coverage of their chosen topic than can be found on other types of radio stations.

One example of a features station is RadioLab, which is produced by WNYC in New York City. RadioLab focuses on providing engaging and thought-provoking coverage of scientific and philosophical topics, often using creative storytelling techniques to help listeners better understand complex concepts. The program features a mix of interviews with experts in various fields, as well as stories that explore the human side of scientific discovery.

Another example of a features station is This American Life, which is produced by Chicago Public Media. This American Life provides in-depth coverage of a variety of topics, ranging from personal narratives to political analysis. The program often features interviews with people who have lived through interesting or unusual experiences, as well as commentary and analysis from experts in various fields.

In addition to these examples, there are many other features stations that focus on a wide range of topics. For example, stations like Democracy Now! and The Intercept offer in-depth coverage of political and social issues, while Radiolab's sister program More Perfect explores the history and impact of the US Supreme Court. Stations like The Moth and Snap Judgment offer engaging and entertaining storytelling, while TED Radio Hour provides in-depth coverage of innovative ideas from a wide range of fields.

Features stations are often characterized by their high production values and attention to detail. These stations often use music, sound effects, and other audio techniques to enhance their storytelling, and they may also incorporate elements like audience participation and listener feedback. Because they are focused on a particular topic or theme, features stations often provide a unique and engaging listening experience that is hard to find on other types of radio stations.

Overall, features stations provide a valuable service to listeners by offering in-depth coverage of a wide range of topics. Whether you are interested in science, politics, the arts, or something else entirely, there is likely a features station that can provide you with the engaging and thought-provoking content you are looking for.