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The genre "variety" refers to radio stations that play a mix of music from a wide range of genres and time periods. These stations typically cater to a broad audience and aim to provide a diverse listening experience that appeals to a variety of musical tastes.

Variety radio stations may play anything from classic rock and pop hits from the 60s and 70s to contemporary chart-toppers, as well as genres such as country, hip-hop, electronic, and more. The playlist is often curated to include a mix of well-known hits as well as lesser-known songs and artists, providing listeners with a chance to discover new music.

In addition to playing music, variety radio stations may also feature talk shows, interviews, and other forms of programming. This may include news and current events, celebrity gossip, and lifestyle topics such as health, wellness, and relationships.

Listeners of variety radio stations enjoy the diversity of music and programming offered, as well as the opportunity to discover new songs and artists. These stations often provide a sense of community and connection for listeners, with DJs and hosts who engage with their audience through live broadcasts and social media.

Overall, variety radio stations are an important part of the radio landscape, providing a platform for music discovery and diverse programming that caters to a broad audience. They continue to attract a loyal following of listeners who appreciate the wide range of music and programming offered.