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The genre of "kultur" on radio stations typically features programming related to culture, arts, and humanities. Kultur radio stations are dedicated to promoting and exploring various aspects of human culture, including music, literature, theater, visual arts, and more.

Kultur radio stations may play a variety of music genres, including classical, jazz, world music, and avant-garde, as well as contemporary music that is influenced by these genres. The programming may also include interviews with artists, composers, writers, and other cultural figures, along with discussions and debates about various cultural topics.

Some of the defining characteristics of kultur programming include a commitment to diversity and inclusion, a focus on education and exploration, and a dedication to promoting cultural understanding and appreciation. Kultur radio stations are often seen as important cultural institutions that help to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of various communities around the world.

Kultur radio stations may also feature special programming related to specific cultural events or festivals, such as a series of concerts dedicated to a particular composer or a festival celebrating the literature of a specific region or country. These stations may also offer educational programming, such as language classes, history lessons, and workshops related to various cultural topics.

Overall, kultur radio stations are all about celebrating the rich and diverse tapestry of human culture. Whether you're a lover of classical music, jazz, literature, or visual arts, these stations offer a thought-provoking, enriching soundtrack that will help you to explore and appreciate the cultural richness of our world.