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The "world" genre of radio stations is similar to "weltmusik" in that it focuses on music from around the globe. However, world music is a more general term that encompasses a broader range of genres, including traditional, folk, and contemporary music from different cultures around the world.

World music radio stations typically feature a wide range of music styles, including reggae, salsa, Afrobeat, flamenco, and many others. This music can come from a variety of regions, including Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Many stations also play music that blends elements from different cultures, creating a fusion of sounds that reflects the diversity of modern music.

One of the defining features of world music is its emphasis on cultural and ethnic diversity. This music often incorporates traditional instruments, rhythms, and melodies from different cultures, as well as modern production techniques and contemporary influences. The result is a rich and vibrant tapestry of sounds that reflects the global nature of modern music.

In addition to showcasing music from around the world, world music radio stations often feature interviews with musicians and music experts, as well as commentary on the cultural and historical context of the music being played. They may also provide information on upcoming concerts and festivals featuring world music performers from around the globe.

World music radio stations provide a unique listening experience that is both educational and entertaining. They expose listeners to a wide range of musical traditions and cultures, helping to break down barriers and foster a sense of global community. Whether you're a music lover, a traveler, or simply curious about the world, these stations offer a window into the many sounds and rhythms that make up our diverse and fascinating planet.