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The genre of "salsa" on radio stations typically features music that originated in the Caribbean, particularly in Cuba and Puerto Rico, and has since spread throughout Latin America and the world. Salsa is a fusion of various musical styles, including Cuban son, Puerto Rican bomba, and African rhythms.

Salsa radio stations play a mix of classic and contemporary hits from the genre, often featuring artists from across Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States. The programming may also include interviews with artists, discussions of current events and social issues, and cultural programming that explores the history and traditions of salsa.

Some of the defining characteristics of salsa music include lively percussion, melodic brass and woodwind sections, and vocals that are delivered with a passionate intensity. The music often reflects the rich cultural heritage of Latin American and Caribbean communities, with lyrics that touch on themes such as love, social justice, and political activism.

Salsa radio stations may also feature special programming related to specific cultural events or festivals, such as a celebration of the music of the Fania All-Stars or a tribute to the legacy of salsa icon Celia Cruz. They may also offer educational programming, such as dance classes or history lessons related to the genre.

Overall, salsa radio stations offer a vibrant and exciting soundtrack that celebrates the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the Caribbean and Latin America. Whether you are a seasoned fan of the genre or are just discovering it for the first time, these stations offer a dynamic and engaging listening experience that is sure to get you moving to the rhythm of the music.