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Radio stations specializing in the 00s (or "aughts") genre play music from the decade spanning 2000-2009. This decade was marked by a significant shift in popular music, with the rise of digital technology and the emergence of new genres, such as electro-pop, indie rock, and hip hop.

The 00s saw the emergence of many influential artists and bands, including Eminem, Coldplay, Beyonce, The Strokes, Justin Timberlake, and many others. The music of this decade is characterized by a diverse range of styles and influences, reflecting the changing cultural landscape of the time.

00s radio stations often feature a mix of well-known hits and deeper cuts, providing listeners with a diverse range of music from this influential decade. Many stations also include segments or programs that explore different themes within the genre, such as pop-punk, emo, or R&B.

The music of the 00s is known for its distinctive sound, with a focus on digital production, electronic instrumentation, and heavy use of auto-tune and other vocal effects. Many 00s radio stations also feature live recordings and rare or unreleased tracks, giving listeners a deeper insight into the music of this decade.

Overall, 00s radio stations provide a unique listening experience that celebrates the rich and diverse musical legacy of this influential decade. With a wide range of musical styles and themes, they offer a rich and rewarding listening experience that can transport listeners back in time and help them appreciate the enduring appeal of 00s music.