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Christian Contemporary music, also known as CCM, is a genre of Christian music that emerged in the 1960s and 70s. It is characterized by its modern, pop-influenced sound, and its lyrics that reflect a Christian worldview and faith.

Christian Contemporary radio stations typically play a range of music, from worship songs to upbeat pop and rock-influenced tracks. The music often features electronic instruments, guitars, drums, and other contemporary musical instruments. The lyrics are often centered around Christian themes such as faith, hope, and love, and may also reflect on personal struggles and challenges.

The music played on Christian Contemporary radio stations is intended to be uplifting and inspirational, with tracks that provide a message of hope and encouragement. The music is often accompanied by messages from pastors and religious leaders, as well as discussions on topics related to Christian faith and living.

One of the defining features of Christian Contemporary music is its emphasis on creating a sense of community and connection among listeners. The music is designed to be accessible to a wide audience, and is often used in worship services, youth groups, and other religious gatherings.

Overall, Christian Contemporary radio stations offer a unique listening experience that celebrates the intersection of faith and music. They provide a platform for artists to showcase their innovative and experimental sound, and offer a space for listeners to connect with each other and deepen their faith.