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Concesión social is a genre of radio programming that is typically found in Latin America and Spain. The term "concesión social" translates to "social concession" in English, and it refers to a type of radio programming that is designed to serve the public interest by providing information, education, and entertainment to underserved or marginalized communities.

Concesión social radio stations are typically run by non-profit organizations or community groups, and they often receive funding from the government or private donors in order to stay on the air. The programming on these stations is diverse, and it includes a mix of news, public affairs, cultural programming, and music.

One of the defining features of concesión social radio is its emphasis on community engagement and participation. These stations often rely on community members to help produce and host programs, and they actively seek out feedback and input from their listeners in order to better serve their needs.

Concesión social radio stations also play an important role in promoting social justice and human rights. Many of these stations focus on issues such as poverty, gender equality, and indigenous rights, and they work to raise awareness and promote action on these important issues.

In addition to their social and political role, concesión social radio stations also provide a platform for cultural expression and artistic creativity. Many stations feature music and other programming that highlights the diversity of local cultures and traditions, and they work to support and promote local artists and musicians.

Overall, concesión social radio is a vital and important part of the media landscape in many parts of Latin America and Spain. These stations play an important role in promoting social justice, community engagement, and cultural expression, and they provide a much-needed voice for underserved and marginalized communities. Whether listened to for news, information, or entertainment, concesión social radio stations offer a unique and valuable perspective on the world around us.