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"AM" stands for "amplitude modulation," a technology used in radio broadcasting that has been around since the early 1900s. In AM radio, the amplitude of the radio wave is modulated to carry the audio signal. AM radio signals can travel long distances, making them ideal for local news, sports, and talk programming that targets a specific geographic area.

Radio stations that use the AM frequency tend to have a focus on news, talk, and sports programming. These stations provide live coverage of breaking news stories, interviews with local and national politicians and public figures, and analysis of current events and social issues. They also offer specialty programming such as talk shows focused on specific topics like politics, health, or finance.

Sports programming is another common feature of stations that use the AM frequency. These stations may provide live coverage of local and national sports teams, as well as analysis and commentary on games and events.

Some stations that use the AM frequency also offer religious programming, with a focus on preaching, music, and religious teachings.

While the programming of stations that use the AM frequency can vary widely, they all tend to have a focus on serving their local community. These stations provide a source of information, entertainment, and connection for people who live in the area, and they play an important role in shaping the local culture and identity. Whether through news, talk, sports, or specialty programming, stations that use the AM frequency provide a platform for local voices and perspectives, and they help to build connections between different communities within the region.

However, in recent years, with the rise of digital broadcasting technologies, such as FM and internet radio, the popularity of AM radio has declined. Despite this, many radio stations still use the AM frequency and continue to play an important role in serving their local communities.