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College radio is a type of radio station that is typically operated by students or staff members at a college or university. These stations are often run by student-run organizations, such as campus radio clubs, and are supported by the school's administration.

College radio stations often have a non-commercial focus and are dedicated to providing a platform for independent artists and music that may not be played on mainstream commercial radio stations. This means that college radio stations often play a wide range of musical genres, from indie rock and hip-hop to electronic, world music, and more.

In addition to music programming, college radio stations often feature news, public affairs, and talk shows that address a variety of topics relevant to students and the surrounding community. These shows often cover issues such as politics, social justice, and campus events and activities.

College radio stations also play an important role in the development of young broadcasters and journalists. Many stations offer opportunities for students to learn about broadcasting, production, and journalism, and to gain hands-on experience in these fields.

College radio stations are also often involved in their local communities, hosting events and concerts, sponsoring community service projects, and partnering with local organizations and businesses. This involvement helps to strengthen the relationship between the college and the surrounding community, and to promote a sense of community and shared culture.

Overall, college radio is an important and vibrant part of the radio landscape, providing a platform for independent music and voices, and fostering the development of young broadcasters and journalists.