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Greek radio stations play a variety of music genres, including pop, rock, traditional folk, and contemporary Greek music. Greek radio stations are known for playing a mix of modern and traditional music, reflecting the country's cultural heritage and its modern identity.

One of the most popular music genres played on Greek radio stations is laiko, which is a style of Greek popular music that emerged in the early 20th century. Laiko music is characterized by its use of the bouzouki, a traditional Greek instrument, and its emotional and romantic lyrics. Many of the most famous Greek singers, such as Vasilis Karras and Yiannis Ploutarhos, are known for their laiko music.

Greek radio stations also play a variety of other music genres, including pop, rock, and hip hop. Pop music in Greece is heavily influenced by Western music, with many Greek pop songs incorporating English lyrics and elements of Western pop and electronic music. Rock music has also had a significant impact on Greek music, with many Greek rock bands achieving commercial success both in Greece and abroad.

Traditional folk music is also an important part of Greek radio programming, with stations featuring traditional music from different regions of Greece. The use of traditional instruments, such as the lyra and the tsabouna, is an important aspect of Greek folk music. These traditional music styles provide a connection to the country's rich cultural heritage and continue to be popular among Greek radio listeners.

Greek radio stations also feature news, talk shows, and sports programming. Many stations offer news updates throughout the day, providing listeners with the latest news and information about Greece and the world. Talk shows cover a variety of topics, including politics, entertainment, and social issues. Sports programming is also popular, with stations offering coverage of local and international sporting events.

Overall, Greek radio stations provide listeners with a mix of modern and traditional music, reflecting the country's cultural heritage and its contemporary identity. The diversity of music genres and programming makes Greek radio an important part of the country's cultural landscape, providing entertainment and information to listeners of all ages and backgrounds.