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"Música urbana" is a radio station genre that features music from the urban music genre, which includes genres such as reggaeton, trap, hip-hop, and other styles that are popular in urban communities around the world. The genre is known for its catchy beats, rhythmic flow, and often explicit lyrics that reflect the experiences of urban youth.

The music played on "Música urbana" radio stations is characterized by its fusion of different styles and influences, including Latin American and Caribbean rhythms, electronic beats, and hip-hop and rap lyrics. These stations may play well-known artists and songs from a range of time periods, as well as up-and-coming artists who are making an impact on the urban music scene.

In addition to music, "Música urbana" radio stations may also feature programming that explores the culture and history of urban communities around the world. This can include interviews with artists, DJs, and producers, as well as segments that delve into the history and significance of important cultural events and traditions in urban communities.

Some "Música urbana" radio stations also include news and current events programming, with a focus on news related to urban culture and lifestyles, such as fashion, sports, and nightlife.

Overall, "Música urbana" radio stations provide a platform for urban music and culture, and they play an important role in shaping the tastes and preferences of a wide audience. They provide a source of entertainment, connection, and cultural relevance for people who share an interest in urban music and culture, and they help to promote the careers of both established and emerging urban artists.