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"Local talk" is a genre of radio programming that focuses on discussions and conversations about topics of interest to the local community. This format is typically found on AM radio stations, which have historically been the go-to medium for talk radio due to their ability to reach larger geographic areas and cover longer distances than FM radio.

The content of local talk radio can vary widely, but it usually features a mix of news, politics, and community issues, as well as lifestyle and entertainment topics. Local talk shows may feature interviews with local newsmakers, politicians, and community leaders, as well as regular call-in segments where listeners can share their opinions and insights.

One of the defining features of local talk radio is its focus on the immediate community. Hosts and guests often have a deep knowledge of the local area, its history, and its culture, and this is reflected in the topics that are discussed on the air. Local talk shows may cover issues such as local politics, crime and safety, education, and environmental concerns, as well as events and happenings in the community, such as festivals, concerts, and sports.

In addition to its focus on the local community, local talk radio is also known for its often-opinionated hosts and lively debates. Hosts may have a specific point of view on certain topics, and they may invite guests with opposing viewpoints to engage in spirited discussions on the air. Listeners are often encouraged to call in and share their own perspectives, creating a dynamic and interactive atmosphere.

Overall, local talk radio plays an important role in providing a platform for the exchange of ideas and information within a specific community. By bringing together local newsmakers, community leaders, and everyday citizens, local talk radio helps to foster a sense of community and civic engagement, while also providing a valuable source of news and information for listeners.