Radio Costa (Autlán) - 103.9 FM - XHLD-FM - Autlán, Jalisco

Radio Costa (Autlán) - 103.9 FM - XHLD-FM - Autlán, Jalisco

Listen Radio Costa (Autlán) - 103.9 FM - XHLD-FM - Autlán, Jalisco

La cadena que une a México
Radio Costa (Autlán) is a local radio station located in the city of Autlán, Jalisco, Mexico. It broadcasts on 103.9 FM and 780 AM, and is known for its wide range of programming that caters to the local community.

One of the station's primary genres is regional Mexican music, including rancheras, música popular mexicana, and música tradicional mexicana. This type of music is particularly popular in Mexico and is often associated with cultural pride and nostalgia. The station also plays other genres of music, including música en español, música del recuerdo, and música variada.

In addition to music, Radio Costa (Autlán) provides local news, talk shows, and entertainment programming. Its local news covers important events and stories in the community, including politics, crime, and human interest stories. The station's talk shows feature a variety of topics, from sports and politics to health and education. Its entertainment programming includes interviews with local artists and musicians, as well as coverage of cultural events and festivals.

Radio Costa (Autlán) is part of the Radiorama network, a group of radio stations located throughout Mexico and Latin America. Despite its affiliation, the station has a strong focus on local programming and features many local DJs and hosts.

One of the station's most popular personalities is Moi Merino, who hosts a morning show on Radio Costa (Autlán). Merino is known for his lively personality and his ability to connect with listeners. His show features a mix of music, news, and entertainment, and is a favorite among many listeners in the Autlán area.

Overall, Radio Costa (Autlán) is a vital part of the local community in Autlán, Jalisco, providing a wide range of programming that reflects the tastes and interests of its listeners. Its commitment to local news, music, and entertainment has made it a popular choice for listeners who want to stay connected with their community.
Country: Mexico
Languages: Spanish
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