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The genre of "10s" radio stations refers to music that was popular during the decade of the 2010s, also known as the "tens" or the "teenies". This decade saw the rise of digital streaming and social media, which greatly influenced the music industry and the way people consumed music. Here are some of the most popular genres found on 10s radio stations:

Pop: Pop music dominated the charts during the 2010s, with many radio stations playing a mix of current hits and popular songs from earlier in the decade. Some popular 10s pop stations include Kiss FM, Capital FM, and Z100.

Hip Hop and R&B: Hip hop and R&B also saw significant growth during the 2010s, with many radio stations featuring these genres prominently in their programming. Some popular 10s hip hop and R&B stations include Power 105.1, Hot 97, and BBC 1Xtra.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM): The 2010s also saw a rise in popularity of electronic dance music, particularly in the form of EDM festivals and events. Many radio stations focused on this genre, with some popular 10s EDM stations including SiriusXM's BPM, Electric Area, and Electric FM.

Rock: Although not as dominant as pop or hip hop, rock music remained a popular genre during the 2010s, with many radio stations playing a mix of classic and current hits. Some popular 10s rock stations include Alt Nation, Radio X, and Absolute Radio.

Indie: The 2010s saw a rise in popularity of indie music, particularly with the rise of streaming services that made it easier for independent artists to gain a following. Some popular 10s indie stations include BBC Radio 6 Music, KEXP, and Indie 88.

Overall, 10s radio stations provide listeners with a mix of popular hits and more niche genres that were popular during the 2010s. Whether you're looking to relive the biggest pop hits of the decade or discover new indie artists, 10s radio stations offer a diverse range of musical options.