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"Aquí Nomás" is a radio station genre that serves the community of Aguascalientes, a city located in central Mexico. The format includes a mix of music, news, and entertainment, with a focus on local and regional issues.

One of the key features of "Aquí Nomás" is its emphasis on traditional and regional Mexican music. The station plays a mix of genres such as rancheras, norteñas, and banda, which are popular in the region. The music is often accompanied by commentary from the station's DJs, who provide information on the artists and the songs, as well as share stories and insights related to the music.

In addition to music programming, "Aquí Nomás" also features a range of news and talk shows. These shows cover local and regional news, including updates on events, sports, and community activities. The station also covers politics, with a focus on issues that affect the residents of Aguascalientes, such as public safety, tourism, and the economy. The talk shows feature interviews with experts and community leaders, providing a platform for discussion and debate on a range of topics.

Another important aspect of "Aquí Nomás" is its role in promoting local culture and heritage. The station highlights the history and traditions of Aguascalientes, with a focus on promoting tourism and economic development in the region. The station also features interviews with local artists, musicians, and other cultural figures, providing a platform for them to showcase their work and engage with the community.

Overall, "Aquí Nomás" is a genre of radio that is focused on serving the needs and interests of its local community through a mix of music, news, and entertainment. Its emphasis on traditional and regional Mexican music, as well as its focus on promoting local culture and heritage, makes it a popular choice for residents and visitors alike. The station's role in providing news and information on local issues, as well as its platform for community engagement and discussion, makes it an important resource for the community of Aguascalientes.