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101.7 FM is a frequency used by a number of radio stations around the world, each with their own unique programming and genre. However, generally speaking, radio stations on this frequency tend to play a mix of popular music and provide news and information to their listeners.

In the United States, 101.7 FM is used by a variety of radio stations in different cities and regions. For example, in the Boston area, WFNX-FM broadcasts on 101.7 FM and features alternative rock and indie music. In the Philadelphia area, WBEB-FM, also known as B101, broadcasts on 101.7 FM and plays a mix of adult contemporary music, including popular hits from the 1980s and 1990s.

In other countries, 101.7 FM may be used for stations that play different genres of music or offer news and information programming in different languages. For example, in Australia, 101.7 WSFM broadcasts in Sydney and features a mix of classic hits and current pop songs. In the Philippines, Radyo Natin 101.7 FM is a network of community radio stations that offer local news, music, and other programming in various provinces throughout the country.

Overall, 101.7 FM is a popular frequency for radio stations around the world that cater to a diverse range of listeners and offer a mix of popular music, news, and information.