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New Age is a genre of music that emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s as a response to the increasing interest in spirituality and alternative lifestyles. It is characterized by its use of electronic instrumentation, ambient sounds, and a focus on creating a relaxing and meditative atmosphere. New Age music often features elements of world music, jazz, and classical music, as well as influences from traditional and indigenous music from various parts of the world.

Radio stations that specialize in New Age music play a wide variety of sub-genres, including ambient, electronic, instrumental, and world music. These stations often feature both classic and contemporary New Age artists, providing listeners with a diverse selection of music.

New Age music is often associated with relaxation, meditation, and holistic healing. It is often used in spas, yoga studios, and other wellness centers as a way to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere. New Age music is also popular among people who practice meditation and mindfulness, as well as those who are interested in alternative and spiritual lifestyles.

One of the defining features of New Age music is its use of atmospheric sounds and electronic instrumentation to create a sense of space and mood. The music is often characterized by its slow tempo and repetitive rhythms, which create a trance-like state that is conducive to relaxation and meditation.

Some popular New Age radio stations include Echoes, which features a mix of ambient, electronic, and world music, and Hearts of Space, which focuses on instrumental and electronic New Age music. Other notable stations include Calm Radio, which offers a mix of New Age and classical music, and RadioTunes New Age, which features a variety of instrumental and ambient New Age music.

Overall, New Age music remains a popular and enduring genre, with a focus on relaxation, meditation, and spiritual exploration. New Age radio stations provide a valuable platform for both established and emerging artists, helping to ensure that this important musical tradition continues to thrive.