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The spiritual genre of music is a diverse and broad category that encompasses a wide range of musical styles and traditions, all of which share a common theme of exploring and expressing the spiritual dimensions of life. Spiritual music is often characterized by its uplifting and inspiring qualities, as well as its ability to touch listeners on a deep emotional level.

There are many radio stations that specialize in playing spiritual music. One of the most popular is Spirit Radio, which is a non-commercial station that plays a variety of contemporary and traditional spiritual music from around the world. The station features a mix of genres, including gospel, Christian rock, and world music, and is known for its positive and inspiring message.

Another popular station is Sacred Heart Radio, which is a Catholic radio station that plays a mix of religious programming and spiritual music. The station features a variety of music genres, including traditional hymns, contemporary Christian music, and Gregorian chant. Sacred Heart Radio also features several talk shows and interviews with Catholic leaders and spiritual teachers.

For those who are interested in New Age spirituality, there is the Hay House Radio network, which features a variety of shows and programs focused on personal growth, self-help, and spirituality. The network plays a mix of music genres, including ambient, world, and New Age music, and features a range of experts and teachers who share their insights and wisdom on various spiritual topics.

Other popular spiritual music stations include Gaia FM, which plays a mix of world music, ambient, and New Age music, and Radio Shalom, which is a Jewish radio station that plays a mix of religious and spiritual programming, as well as Jewish music from around the world.

Overall, spiritual music is a genre that continues to grow and evolve, as more people seek out music that can uplift, inspire, and connect them with the deeper dimensions of life. Whether you're interested in gospel music, traditional hymns, New Age music, or world music, there are many radio stations that cater to the spiritual seeker and offer a rich and diverse selection of music and programming.