Radio Grijalva (Villahermosa) - 102.9 FM - XHSCBI-FM - Kahal Sembradores de Futuro, A.C. - Villahermosa, Tabasco

Radio Grijalva (Villahermosa) - 102.9 FM - XHSCBI-...

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Radio Grijalva is a community radio station that broadcasts from Villahermosa, the capital of Tabasco state in Mexico. The station operates on the frequency 102.9 FM and is owned and operated by Kahal Sembradores de Futuro, A.C., a non-profit organization that seeks to promote social development and cultural diversity in the region.

Radio Grijalva's programming is diverse, with a focus on music, news, and cultural content. The station plays a variety of genres, including tropical, Latin American, and regional Mexican music. The music is curated by a team of experienced DJs who are passionate about sharing their love of music with their listeners.

In addition to music, Radio Grijalva also features news and current affairs programming. The station's team of reporters covers local and regional news, providing listeners with up-to-date information on events and developments in the area. The news team also covers national and international news stories, giving listeners a broader perspective on the world.

One of the unique aspects of Radio Grijalva is that it is a social concession station. This means that it is licensed by the government to operate as a non-profit organization, with a mission to serve the community. As such, the station is committed to promoting social development and cultural diversity in the region. This is reflected in the station's programming, which features content that is relevant and meaningful to the local community.

Radio Grijalva is also known for its commitment to promoting local artists and musicians. The station regularly features live performances and interviews with local musicians, giving them a platform to showcase their talents and connect with their fans.

The station is led by Moi Merino, an experienced broadcaster and journalist who is passionate about community radio. Merino has been with the station since its inception and has played a key role in shaping its programming and mission.

Overall, Radio Grijalva is an important cultural institution in the region, providing a platform for local voices and promoting social development and cultural diversity. Its commitment to serving the community and promoting local talent makes it a valuable resource for listeners in Villahermosa and beyond.
Country: Mexico
Languages: Spanish

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