BBC Radio Scotland (FM)

BBC Radio Scotland (FM)

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BBC Radio Scotland (FM) is a national radio station based in Glasgow, Scotland, and is part of the BBC's network of radio stations. It broadcasts a variety of music, talk, and variety programming, and is the only BBC station in Scotland to broadcast in English. BBC Radio Scotland is the most popular radio station in Scotland, with an average weekly reach of 1.2 million listeners.

BBC Radio Scotland offers a wide range of programming, from music and entertainment to news and current affairs. The station's music programming includes a mix of contemporary and classic hits, as well as traditional Scottish music. The station also features a variety of talk shows, including interviews, debates, and discussions on a range of topics. BBC Radio Scotland also broadcasts a range of sports coverage, including live commentary of Scottish football matches.

BBC Radio Scotland is available on FM, DAB, and online. The station is also available on the BBC iPlayer, allowing listeners to catch up on missed programmes. BBC Radio Scotland is also available on the BBC Sounds app, allowing listeners to listen to the station on the go.
Languages: English

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