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97X is a radio station that is known for its alternative rock programming. The station's name is a reference to the iconic film "Say Anything," in which the main character holds a boombox playing a song called "In Your Eyes" by the band Peter Gabriel. In the film, the character declares that the song is being played on "97X - Bam! The future of rock and roll!"

97X was originally founded in Ohio in the 1980s, and it quickly became known for its alternative rock programming. The station played music from up-and-coming bands that were not being played on mainstream radio at the time, such as R.E.M., The Smiths, and The Cure. This helped to establish 97X as a major player in the alternative rock scene.

Over the years, 97X has continued to focus on alternative rock music, playing a mix of classic and contemporary tracks. The station's programming includes regular shows dedicated to specific genres within alternative rock, such as punk, indie, and grunge. The station also features a range of local and national personalities, who provide commentary on the music and the culture surrounding it.

In addition to music, 97X also offers a range of online features, including live streaming, podcasts, and social media engagement. The station also hosts a number of concerts and events throughout the year, which showcase up-and-coming alternative rock bands and established favorites.

Overall, 97X is a radio station that has built a loyal following among fans of alternative rock music. With a focus on playing music from a variety of genres within the alternative rock scene, the station has helped to promote new and emerging artists, while also celebrating the classics that have helped to define the genre.