97.1 fm Radio Stations

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The frequency 97.1 FM is used by several radio stations around the world, each with its own unique programming and format. In this description, we'll focus on one of the stations that uses this frequency, KFTK-FM, which broadcasts in the St. Louis, Missouri area in the United States.

KFTK-FM is a radio station that features a conservative talk radio format. This means that the station's programming is focused on political news and commentary, as well as analysis of current events from a conservative perspective. The station's hosts include well-known conservative personalities such as Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Sean Hannity.

In addition to political talk shows, KFTK-FM also features programming focused on issues related to business and finance, as well as lifestyle and health topics. The station also offers a range of online features, including live streaming and podcasts of its shows, allowing listeners to access the station's content from anywhere.

One of the most popular shows on KFTK-FM is "The Dave Glover Show," which airs weekdays from 3 pm to 7 pm. This show features a mix of politics, pop culture, and humor, and often features interviews with local politicians and community leaders.

KFTK-FM also features regular news updates, weather and traffic reports, and public service announcements to keep listeners informed and engaged with the local community.

Overall, 97.1 FM KFTK-FM is a popular radio station that provides a platform for conservative political views and opinions. With a focus on news, commentary, and analysis from a conservative perspective, the station has built a loyal following in the St. Louis area and beyond.