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"Public service" is a genre of radio station that focuses on providing information and services to the community. These stations are typically run by non-profit organizations, educational institutions, or government agencies and are designed to serve the public interest.

Programming on public service radio stations may include a variety of content such as news updates, weather reports, public affairs programming, educational content, and cultural programming. These stations often prioritize local news and events and may provide coverage of city council meetings, school board meetings, and other local government proceedings.

Public service radio stations also typically air programming that promotes civic engagement and community involvement. This may include interviews with community leaders and activists, discussions of social issues, and information about volunteer opportunities and community events.

In addition to programming that informs and educates the community, public service radio stations often offer other services such as emergency alerts and public safety information. These stations may also offer resources and support to the community such as counseling services, job training, and language classes.

Overall, public service radio stations play an important role in serving the needs of their communities. By providing access to information, resources, and services, these stations help to promote civic engagement, strengthen local communities, and support the public good.