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The genre of "690" refers to a specific format of radio programming that is focused on playing classic and nostalgic music from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. The name "690" comes from the frequency of the original radio station that pioneered this format, which was based in Los Angeles, California and broadcast on the AM dial at 690 kHz.

690 radio stations typically offer a mix of music, news, and talk programming, with a heavy emphasis on playing hit songs from the golden era of rock and roll, pop, and soul music. The music selection may also include lesser-known tracks and deep cuts from popular artists, as well as songs from lesser-known artists who may have been overlooked by mainstream radio during their heyday.

In addition to music programming, 690 radio stations may also feature news and talk shows that focus on topics of interest to the baby boomer generation, such as health and wellness, retirement planning, and social issues. These shows may feature expert guests and interviews with prominent figures from the worlds of music, entertainment, and politics.

One of the key features of 690 radio stations is their nostalgic appeal. The music and programming on these stations is designed to evoke memories of a bygone era, and to transport listeners back in time to a simpler and more carefree era. This nostalgia factor can be particularly appealing to older listeners who grew up during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, and who may feel a sense of nostalgia for the music and culture of their youth.

Some notable examples of 690 radio stations include KMET in Los Angeles, which was one of the original pioneers of the format, as well as WDJO in Cincinnati and CKGM in Montreal. Today, the format continues to be popular among radio listeners around the world, and can be found on AM and FM stations as well as on internet radio platforms.

Overall, the genre of 690 radio stations provides a fun and nostalgic listening experience for anyone who loves classic rock and pop music, and who enjoys reminiscing about the good old days of rock and roll. Whether you are a baby boomer looking to relive the music of your youth, or a younger listener who appreciates the timeless appeal of classic hits, tuning into a 690 radio station can be a great way to enjoy some of the greatest music of all time.