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"95.3 FM" is a genre of radio programming that is characterized by its frequency and the use of FM (frequency modulation) radio technology. FM radio allows for high-quality audio transmissions and a wider range of frequencies than AM radio, which makes it a popular choice for music programming.

Stations in the 95.3 FM genre typically feature a mix of music, news, and entertainment programming. The specific content of 95.3 FM stations may vary depending on the region and station, but they generally offer a diverse range of musical styles to appeal to a broad audience. These may include pop, rock, hip-hop, country, and other popular genres.

In addition to music programming, 95.3 FM stations may also offer news updates and current events coverage, with a focus on local news stories and events. Some stations may also feature talk shows, interviews with experts, and other forms of non-musical content.

Many 95.3 FM stations also incorporate interactive features, such as call-in segments, contests, and listener requests. These features allow listeners to engage with the station and contribute to the programming, creating a sense of community and connection between listeners and the station.

Overall, 95.3 FM is a genre of radio programming that offers high-quality audio transmissions and a diverse range of content, with a focus on music, news, and entertainment. Whether listeners are seeking the latest hit songs, breaking news updates, or engaging talk shows, they are likely to find something of interest on a 95.3 FM station.