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Radio stations that specialize in the "Opera" genre feature music that is primarily composed of vocal pieces, often accompanied by an orchestra. This genre is known for its grand and powerful sound, featuring soaring vocals and complex musical arrangements that showcase the technical skills of the performers.

Opera is an art form that has been enjoyed for centuries, and radio stations that focus on this genre offer a range of programming that includes both classic and contemporary operatic works. These stations often play full-length operas or segments of operas, along with commentary from experts on the music and history of the art form.

One of the key features of opera is its emphasis on storytelling. Many of the most famous operas are based on classic novels or historical events, and the music is used to convey the emotions and actions of the characters. Opera music is often sung in a language other than the listener's native tongue, but translations may be provided to help the audience follow along with the story.

Opera radio stations may also feature interviews with singers, conductors, and other performers who specialize in this genre. These interviews can provide insight into the training and preparation required to perform operatic music, as well as the creative process behind staging and producing a successful opera production.

Overall, opera radio stations offer a unique and engaging listening experience for fans of classical music and theater. With a mix of classic and contemporary works, along with expert commentary and interviews with performers, these stations provide a deep dive into the rich history and vibrant present of one of the world's most beloved musical genres.