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"Politics" is a radio station genre that focuses on providing listeners with news and information related to politics, government, and public policy. These stations can be found all over the world and serve as an important resource for people who are interested in staying up-to-date on current events and issues related to politics and government.

One of the primary features of "politics" radio stations is their focus on news and information related to politics and government. This can include coverage of national and international politics, as well as coverage of local and regional politics in specific areas.

These stations often feature live broadcasts of political events, such as debates, speeches, and press conferences, as well as interviews with politicians, political analysts, and other experts in the field. They may also provide in-depth coverage of legislative sessions and other political processes, offering insights into how laws and policies are developed and implemented.

In addition to news and information programming, "politics" radio stations may also offer opinion-based content, such as talk shows and call-in programs, where listeners can express their views on political issues and engage in debates and discussions with other listeners and experts.

Some "politics" radio stations also focus on providing educational programming that explores the history of politics and government, the role of different branches of government, and the impact of politics on society and the economy.

Overall, "politics" radio stations serve as an important resource for people who are interested in staying informed and engaged on political issues and developments. They provide a platform for discussion and debate, as well as a means for people to become more knowledgeable and active participants in the political process.