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The term "free radio" is often used to describe non-commercial radio stations that operate outside of the mainstream media landscape. These stations typically operate on a small scale, often using low-power transmitters, and they are often run by volunteers or community organizations.

Free radio stations are often characterized by their commitment to alternative voices and perspectives, and they often prioritize local news and events over national or international news. These stations may also focus on niche or alternative music genres that are not widely represented in commercial radio.

One notable example of a free radio station is WFMU, which is based in Jersey City, New Jersey, in the United States. WFMU is a non-commercial station that is operated by volunteers, and it has gained a reputation for its eclectic programming and commitment to independent voices and perspectives. WFMU covers a wide range of genres, including rock, electronic, world music, and more, and it also provides a platform for local musicians and artists.

Another example of a free radio station is Radio Študent, which is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Radio Študent is a student-run station that operates on a non-profit basis, and it has a strong focus on alternative and independent music, as well as local news and events. The station also provides a platform for local artists and musicians, and it has gained a reputation as a hub for alternative culture and activism in Slovenia.

Overall, free radio stations play an important role in promoting independent voices and perspectives, and in providing a platform for local news, events, and culture. These stations often prioritize community engagement and involvement, and they can serve as a vital resource for communities that are underserved by mainstream media outlets. Whether you're interested in alternative music, local news and events, or independent voices and perspectives, free radio stations offer a unique and valuable contribution to the media landscape.