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The "Chicago" radio station genre refers to the sound and style of music that originated in Chicago, Illinois, in the early 20th century. Chicago has been a major center of blues, jazz, and soul music, and these styles have heavily influenced the Chicago radio sound. Chicago radio stations are known for their emphasis on local music, including the blues and soul music of the city, as well as their support for emerging artists.

Chicago radio stations often play a mix of classic and contemporary blues, jazz, and soul music, as well as related genres such as R&B, funk, and gospel. The city's diverse music scene has also led to the development of hybrid genres, such as Chicago-style blues and Chicago house music.

One of the most influential Chicago radio stations is WXRT-FM, which has been broadcasting since 1972. WXRT is known for its eclectic mix of music, with a focus on independent and emerging artists. Other notable Chicago radio stations include WBEZ-FM, which focuses on news and public affairs programming, and WLUW-FM, which is run by Loyola University and emphasizes local and independent music.

Overall, the Chicago radio station genre represents a unique and diverse musical heritage that reflects the city's rich cultural history and vibrant music scene. Whether you're a fan of blues, jazz, soul, or other related genres, there is sure to be a Chicago radio station that will satisfy your musical tastes.