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"Adult Alternative" is a radio station genre that features a mix of alternative rock, folk, and other adult-oriented music. The genre is often described as a more sophisticated and mature version of alternative rock, with a focus on songwriting and musicianship.

Adult Alternative radio stations typically feature music from a variety of different artists, ranging from established acts to up-and-coming indie musicians. The genre's aim is to provide a platform for listeners to discover new music and appreciate the artistry behind each song.

Listeners tuning into Adult Alternative radio stations can expect to hear a mix of popular hits and lesser-known tracks, often with a focus on the lyrics and the overall mood of the music. The genre's aim is to provide a more introspective and thoughtful listening experience, with music that appeals to a more mature audience.

In addition to music, Adult Alternative radio stations often feature interviews with musicians and other music industry professionals, as well as discussions about music history and trends. Many Adult Alternative radio stations also feature live performances and sessions, providing a platform for musicians to showcase their talents.

Overall, Adult Alternative is a radio station genre that celebrates the artistry and musicianship behind alternative rock and other adult-oriented music. With its focus on songwriting and thoughtful lyrics, the genre offers a more sophisticated and introspective listening experience, appealing to a more mature audience. Whether you're a fan of established alternative acts or looking to discover new indie artists, Adult Alternative radio stations offer a platform for music lovers to connect with the artistry behind the music.