Pune am Radio Stations

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Pune AM radio stations cater to a specific audience that enjoys listening to news, sports, talk shows, and music from a bygone era. AM radio stations have been a part of the Pune radio landscape for many years and have a loyal following of listeners who appreciate their unique programming.

One of the popular AM radio stations in Pune is All India Radio (AIR) Pune. This station is a part of India's national public radio network and is known for its informative and educational programming. AIR Pune broadcasts news, current affairs, and features on a range of topics such as health, culture, and education. The station also plays a mix of classical, devotional, and regional music.

Another popular AM radio station in Pune is Radio City's Puneri Awaz. This station features a mix of Marathi and Hindi music, along with talk shows that focus on current affairs, politics, and local issues. Puneri Awaz is known for its engaging programming and hosts who have a deep understanding of Pune's culture and traditions.

In addition to these popular stations, there are also several AM radio stations in Pune that cater to specific genres and interests. For example, Radio Sai Global Harmony broadcasts devotional music and spiritual discourses, while Akashvani Pune features classical music and informative programs on art and culture.

Overall, AM radio stations in Pune provide a unique listening experience that is distinct from FM radio. These stations cater to a specific audience that enjoys informative and educational programming along with music from a bygone era. Whether it is news, sports, or music, AM radio stations in Pune have something for everyone.