Pune Radio Stations

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Pune, located in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, is known for its rich cultural heritage, and its radio stations reflect this diversity and vibrancy. There are several radio stations in Pune that cater to different audiences and musical tastes, providing a unique listening experience for the city's residents and visitors.

One of the popular radio stations in Pune is Radio City Pune. This station plays a mix of Bollywood and Marathi music, along with entertainment, news, and talk shows. Radio City Pune's programming is designed to cater to the young and urban demographic of the city and features popular music from well-known artists.

Another popular radio station in Pune is Red FM Pune. This station is known for its humorous and witty programming, which includes prank calls, jokes, and quirky news stories. Red FM Pune also plays a mix of Bollywood and regional music, with a focus on Marathi music.

In addition to these popular stations, there are also several stations in Pune that cater to specific genres and tastes. For example, Radio Mirchi Pune is known for its focus on contemporary Bollywood music, while Radio One Pune plays a mix of English and international music. Similarly, Ishq FM Pune focuses on romantic and love songs, while Me Marathi FM plays exclusively Marathi language music.

Pune is also home to a number of community radio stations that cater to specific communities and interests. For example, Pune's Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz focuses on issues related to sustainable development and social justice, while Radio Sarang 107.8 FM features programs related to health, education, and cultural heritage.

Overall, radio stations in Pune offer a diverse and unique listening experience, catering to different audiences and musical tastes. From Bollywood and Marathi music to international hits and community-focused programming, there is something for everyone on Pune's radio airwaves.