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"Bollywood music" is a radio station genre that is dedicated to the music of the Indian film industry, known as Bollywood. Bollywood is a major contributor to the Indian music industry, producing a wide range of music genres, including film scores, soundtracks, and independent music.

Bollywood music radio stations feature a wide range of music styles, including traditional Indian music, classical music, pop music, and dance music. The music is often accompanied by lyrics in Hindi or other Indian languages, making it accessible to audiences across India and the Indian diaspora around the world.

One of the key features of Bollywood music radio stations is their focus on film music. Bollywood films are known for their elaborate musical numbers, featuring vibrant choreography and catchy tunes. The radio stations often play music from popular Bollywood films, including both classic and contemporary hits.

Bollywood music radio stations also feature programming that is focused on the artists and composers behind the music. This includes interviews with Bollywood musicians and singers, as well as discussions on the impact of Bollywood music on Indian culture.

Another important aspect of Bollywood music radio is its promotion of Indian culture and traditions. The stations often feature music from other Indian music genres, such as Bhangra and Ghazals, as well as discussions on Indian history, literature, and art. This helps to promote a sense of national pride and identity among listeners.

Overall, Bollywood music radio is a genre that celebrates the music and culture of India, specifically the Bollywood film industry. By featuring a range of music styles and providing insight into the artists and traditions behind the music, the stations help to keep Bollywood music alive and relevant for generations to come.