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John Laws is a radio personality who has been broadcasting in Australia for over 60 years. His style of broadcasting is often referred to as the "talkback" format, which is a type of radio show where the host takes phone calls from listeners and engages in conversation with them on a variety of topics.

John Laws' radio shows typically cover a wide range of subjects, including politics, current events, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. His show often features interviews with celebrities, politicians, and other newsmakers, as well as commentary and analysis on important issues.

Laws' style of broadcasting is known for its lively and engaging approach, with a focus on entertaining and informing his listeners. His ability to connect with his audience through conversation and discussion has made him a popular and enduring figure in Australian radio.

John Laws' radio shows can be found online, as well as on traditional FM/AM radio. Many of his shows are available as podcasts, allowing listeners to tune in at their convenience.

Tuning in to John Laws' radio shows is a great way to stay informed and engaged on a variety of topics, and to participate in lively and informative conversations with other listeners. Whether you are interested in politics, entertainment, or simply enjoy engaging in thoughtful discussions, John Laws' radio shows offer a space for lively and engaging conversation that is both informative and entertaining.