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The genre of alternative/indie music has been a staple of the radio airwaves for several decades. These radio stations typically play music that is considered "alternative" to mainstream pop, rock, or other genres, and includes a wide range of musical styles and sub-genres.

Alternative/indie radio stations are known for featuring music from independent and emerging artists, as well as established acts that have a cult following. These stations often focus on music that is outside of the mainstream and appeals to listeners who are interested in discovering new and innovative sounds.

One of the defining characteristics of alternative/indie radio stations is their commitment to playing a diverse range of music. This can include everything from punk rock and grunge to shoegaze, dream pop, and electronic music. The playlist is typically curated by music directors and DJs who have a deep knowledge of alternative and indie music and are passionate about sharing it with their audience.

In addition to playing music, alternative/indie radio stations also often feature interviews and live performances with artists, as well as reviews of new and upcoming releases. These stations can also provide a platform for local and regional musicians to get exposure and airplay, helping to support the local music scene.

Some of the most well-known alternative/indie radio stations include KEXP in Seattle, WFMU in New Jersey, KCRW in Los Angeles, and BBC Radio 6 Music in the UK. These stations have been instrumental in shaping the alternative and indie music scene and have helped to launch the careers of many successful artists.

Overall, alternative/indie radio stations play an important role in promoting new and innovative music and providing a platform for artists that might not receive mainstream attention. They offer a diverse and eclectic mix of music that appeals to music fans who are interested in discovering new sounds and exploring different genres.