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The "Folk Song" radio station genre is a genre that focuses on playing traditional and contemporary folk music. The station's format includes a mix of music, interviews, and other programs that are designed to educate and entertain listeners about the history and culture of folk music.

One of the key features of the "Folk Song" genre is its focus on preserving and promoting traditional folk music. The station plays a wide range of folk music genres, including ballads, blues, bluegrass, country, and more. The station often features classic recordings by legendary folk artists, as well as newer recordings by up-and-coming artists who are keeping the folk music tradition alive.

In addition to music, the "Folk Song" genre also offers educational programs that delve into the history and culture of folk music. These programs may include interviews with folk music experts and historians, as well as discussions about the role that folk music has played in various cultures throughout history. The station may also feature live performances by folk musicians, providing listeners with a firsthand experience of the beauty and power of folk music.

The "Folk Song" genre may also feature programs that highlight the intersection of folk music with other genres, such as rock, pop, and world music. These programs may explore the ways in which different genres have influenced and been influenced by folk music, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of this timeless musical genre.

Overall, the "Folk Song" radio station genre provides a listening experience that is both educational and entertaining. Its focus on traditional and contemporary folk music, as well as its educational programs and live performances, make it a popular choice for listeners who are looking to discover and appreciate the beauty and richness of folk music.