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"21c" is a term used to describe music from the 21st century, also known as contemporary music. This genre encompasses a wide variety of musical styles, ranging from pop and rock to electronic and experimental music. In recent years, "21c" has become a popular genre among radio stations around the world, with many stations dedicating themselves exclusively to playing contemporary music.

One of the key features of "21c" music is its focus on innovation and experimentation. Many artists in this genre push the boundaries of traditional musical conventions, incorporating new technologies and production techniques to create music that is both original and exciting. As a result, "21c" music is often characterized by its eclectic and diverse sound, with artists drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical styles and genres.

In addition to its emphasis on innovation, "21c" music is also known for its social and political commentary. Many artists in this genre use their music as a platform to address issues such as inequality, climate change, and social justice. As a result, "21c" music often reflects the changing social and political landscape of the 21st century, providing a powerful voice for artists and audiences alike.

Many radio stations around the world have embraced "21c" music, dedicating themselves to playing the latest and greatest in contemporary music. These stations provide a vital platform for emerging artists and new sounds, helping to shape the future of music in the 21st century. Whether you're a fan of pop, rock, electronic, or experimental music, you're sure to find a radio station playing the latest and greatest in "21c" music.