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Doman is a genre of radio programming that focuses on news, politics, and current events, and is popular in many Spanish-speaking countries, particularly in Latin America. The genre is named after Argentine journalist Jorge "Coqui" Doman, who is known for his investigative reporting and commentary on political and social issues.

Doman radio stations typically offer a mix of local and national news coverage, as well as in-depth analysis and commentary on political and social issues. The stations often have a strong emphasis on investigative journalism, and they are known for their rigorous reporting and willingness to tackle difficult and controversial topics.

One of the key features of Doman programming is its emphasis on engagement with its listeners. The stations often have call-in shows, where listeners can share their own opinions and perspectives on the news and events of the day. This creates a sense of community and engagement among listeners, and allows for a more democratic and participatory approach to journalism.

Doman programming also often includes interviews with key figures in government, business, and civil society, as well as experts in various fields. This helps to provide a more diverse and nuanced perspective on the news and events of the day, and allows for a deeper understanding of complex issues.

Overall, Doman radio programming is an important part of the media landscape in many Spanish-speaking countries, offering a unique perspective on news and current events and providing a platform for voices and perspectives that might not be heard on mainstream media outlets. Its emphasis on investigative journalism, community engagement, and diverse perspectives makes it a valuable resource for citizens seeking to stay informed and engaged in their societies.