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Full-on is a sub-genre of psychedelic trance music that is characterized by its high energy, fast tempo, and intense sound. It is designed to create a sense of euphoria and excitement, with music that is both uplifting and energetic.

Full-on radio stations typically play tracks with a tempo ranging from 140-150 beats per minute, with a focus on powerful basslines, intricate melodies, and a range of electronic instruments such as synthesizers and samples. The music often incorporates elements of Goa trance, techno, and house music, creating a sound that is both eclectic and cohesive.

The music played on Full-on radio stations is intended to be immersive and transportative, with tracks that take listeners on a journey through soundscapes that are both intense and mesmerizing. The music is often accompanied by trippy visuals and psychedelic artwork, further enhancing the overall experience.

In addition to music, Full-on radio stations may feature interviews with artists and DJs in the genre, as well as discussions on topics related to psychedelic trance music and culture. Some stations also feature live DJ sets and guest mixes, providing a platform for emerging artists in the genre.

One of the defining features of Full-on is its emphasis on creating a sense of excitement and intensity. The music is designed to be danceable, with a focus on powerful rhythms and energetic beats. It is often used in clubs and festivals, as well as for personal workouts and physical activities.

Overall, Full-on radio stations offer a unique listening experience that celebrates the intersection of electronic music and psychedelic culture. They provide a platform for artists to showcase their innovative and experimental sound, and offer a space for listeners to unleash their energy and dance the night away.