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Euro hits, also known as Eurodance or Europop, is a genre of electronic dance music that originated in Europe in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Euro hits music is characterized by its catchy beats, upbeat rhythms, and synthesizer-heavy sound. The genre has since become popular worldwide and has produced many chart-topping hits.

Radio stations that specialize in Euro hits play a wide range of music from both past and present. They often feature popular hits from some of the biggest names in the genre, including Ace of Base, Eiffel 65, Haddaway, La Bouche, and Vengaboys. These songs are often accompanied by commentary from the radio hosts, who may provide background information about the artist or the song, as well as interesting facts about the Euro hits genre.

One of the defining features of Euro hits music is its focus on high-energy, danceable beats. Many Euro hits songs feature fast-paced rhythms and electronic synthesizer sounds that are designed to get listeners moving and grooving. The lyrics of Euro hits songs can vary widely, from romantic ballads to songs about partying and having a good time.

In addition to playing the biggest hits from the genre, Euro hits radio stations often feature specialized programming that focuses on particular sub-genres or themes within Euro hits music. For example, some stations may have a dedicated hour or two of programming each day that focuses specifically on classic Euro hits from the 90s, while others may feature programming that highlights the best of contemporary Euro hits music.

Overall, Euro hits radio stations are beloved by many listeners who appreciate the high-energy beats and catchy melodies of the genre. Whether you're a fan of classic Euro hits from the 90s or prefer to keep up with the latest trends in Europop, there's something for everyone on a Euro hits radio station.