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"Chill house" is a subgenre of house music that emerged in the early 2000s. It is characterized by its relaxed, laid-back sound, which blends the upbeat, danceable rhythms of house music with mellow, atmospheric elements of chillout and lounge music. The genre's name is a play on words, as it both reflects the chilled-out vibe of the music and also refers to the fact that it is a subgenre of house music.

Chill house artists typically use electronic instrumentation, including synthesizers, drum machines, and samplers. The sound is characterized by its smooth, groovy rhythms, with a focus on creating a relaxed, atmospheric vibe. The vocals, when present, are often soulful and smooth.

Some of the most influential chill house artists include artists like St. Germain, Blue Six, and Miguel Migs. These artists helped to establish the genre's distinctive sound and style, with albums like St. Germain's "Tourist" and Miguel Migs' "Colorful You" becoming classics of the genre.

Today, chill house remains a popular and thriving genre, with many new artists continuing to push the boundaries of the genre. Radio stations that focus on chill house typically feature a mix of classic and contemporary artists, and may also include related genres like deep house and nu-disco.

Listeners of chill house stations can expect to hear a range of smooth, groovy music, with a relaxed, laid-back vibe. While primarily designed for listening rather than dancing, chill house can still get listeners moving and grooving with its infectious rhythms and chilled-out soundscapes.