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"RSL" is an acronym that stands for "Returned and Services League." In Australia, RSL refers to a national organization for veterans that provides services and support to members who have served in the Australian Defence Force. However, in the context of radio stations, "RSL" can also refer to a type of community radio station that is run by the Returned and Services League in various regions across Australia.

RSL community radio stations typically provide a mix of news, current affairs, music, and community programming that is focused on the interests and needs of veterans and their families, as well as the wider community. The programming on these stations often covers a broad range of topics, including military history, welfare and health services, and community events and activities.

In addition to its focus on the veteran community, RSL radio stations often aim to promote Australian culture and values, with a strong emphasis on national identity and community engagement. The programming on these stations is typically designed to be informative, engaging, and inclusive, with a particular emphasis on supporting the social and emotional well-being of veterans and their families.

The RSL radio station genre is typically staffed by a mix of volunteers and professional broadcasters, who work together to produce high-quality programming that reflects the interests and values of the veteran community. These stations are often an important part of the local community, providing a platform for discussion and engagement on issues that affect the lives of veterans and their families.

Overall, the RSL radio station genre represents an important and valued part of Australia's media landscape, providing a unique perspective on national identity, culture, and community that is grounded in the experiences and needs of the veteran community.