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"Muzica inimii tale" is a radio station genre that translates to "Music of your heart" in English. It is a genre of Romanian music that features romantic ballads and love songs, often with a focus on heartfelt lyrics and emotional performances.

The music played on "Muzica inimii tale" stations includes both classic and contemporary Romanian love songs, performed by a wide range of artists. These songs often feature beautiful melodies, tender vocals, and emotional lyrics, and are designed to evoke strong feelings of love and romance in the listener.

In addition to playing music, "Muzica inimii tale" radio stations may also feature programs dedicated to romantic themes and topics, as well as interviews with artists and musicians who specialize in this genre of music. These stations provide a platform for fans of romantic music to connect with their favorite artists and songs, and to discover new and exciting music that speaks to the heart.

Overall, "Muzica inimii tale" is a popular and important genre of Romanian music that celebrates the power of love and romance. These radio stations provide a platform for fans of this music to connect with each other and with their favorite artists, and to enjoy the beautiful melodies and emotional lyrics that make this genre so special.